Lahaina Banyan Tree with New Sprouts

The Maui Wildfire Exposure Study

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New shoots sprouting on Lahaina’s Banyan tree after the Maui wildfires


Following the devastating wildfires, the Maui community has faced significant challenges in recovering from emotional, mental, and physical trauma. But the community has also shown exceptional strength and resilience, carried by community spirit and aloha for the land and its people.

The Maui Wildfire Exposure Cohort Study (MauiWES) is a grassroots initiative to monitor the health and social impacts of the wildfires over the next decade. It is led by University of Hawaii researchers Dr. Ruben Juarez and Dr. Alika Maunakea, in partnership with community-based organizations such as the Maui Medic Healers Hui and Roots Reborn Lahaina.

The Maui WES Team
The MauiWES team
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